About Freddie

Karl Mats Freddie Åhlin was born on March the 7th, 1994, in the northern part of Sweden in a city called Sundsvall. When learning to write as a child, he started writing short horror stories, often with elements of the supernatural and the unexplained. His interest in writing continued, as he graduated from Sundsvall's high school studying social sciences. He took a particular interest in behavioral sciences studies, and later on, continued his studies at the Mid Sweden University, where he studied English literature, and humanities and Social Sciences. After graduating from Mid Sweden University, he started working in the health field, while developing his writing in creative studies.

As a suspense writer, his passion lies in turning ordinary situations into twisted nightmares, which can also include the boundary between reality and fantasy. 


In 2020, Freddie founded the Sharp Arrow Publishing-company, and also released his first psychological thriller and horror book, Dalton Highway.



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